February 28, 2013


Any time I've moved to a new town, I always wish I'd spent more time discovering the past place. This time around, I'm vowing to get a jump on immersing myself in the charm.

I grabbed the Husband by the hand, and took a stroll a few blocks away to 'Old Main Street.' Here's a glimpse into Wednesday Date Night. (As Wednesdays are a very important night of the week to celebrate). :)

Charming storefronts - filled with handmade goods! And(!) the sweetest little sugarplum fairies. I love that the little ladies all wear coordinating outfits, even for their weekly lessons.

LOVE this storefront! I always get little flashbacks of Vail, CO when I walk by this one!

We stopped in at VITO's for the best sausage sandwich I've ever eaten. The owner / chef / waiter extraordinaire made his debut selling and perfecting his eats from a food truck. Besides the food and the atmosphere, my favorite part is the Tuscan jar on the counter. It is the "cash register." You put your dollars in, make your own change, leave the tip, whatever. Give a little trust, gain a little loyalty. You could tell that this owner has made his way in the world by sharing his talent to make others happy, and treating others well along the way.

Husband's favorite stop on Main Street Date, is the Ol' Lumber & Supply Store. It is seriously a cool space; and I would plant my showroom roots right there if it were up and running already! Check out that old band-saw! This thing is as wide as I am tall, and probably weighs as much as 9 of me! :)

Have a great Thursday!!
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