February 20, 2013


Artists, designers, math students, kids in general... we (mostly) all have something in common - sketching!

Is sketching out-dated? Old-fashioned? Is it useful?

I believe that what simply might seem like doodles on a page, can actually be a truly marvelous communication tool...

...for instance, I can tell my mom about my trip to Italy. I can even show her pictures... but what she really wants to see, is ME in Italy. ...but I really went to see the buildings. THESE are the only way I can get her to look at the buildings! :)  PLUS, they make a pretty cool (FREE) souvenier! They help tie me to the places I saw!!!

As a designer, I can tell my client about the vision in my mind of their new entryway. I can even explain it in "design terms." I can promise them up and down that they will love it(!), BUT it can still be pretty nerve wracking to simply put the outcome of your home into someone's hands. ...no matter how capable those hands are. :)

Instead of guessing and moving on, I love to use a sketch to show the client my vision of the space. A simple sketch can speak a lot of words for me. Once I have truly communicated my design ideas, my clients can easily see what they will like about the new space, along with any changes they'd like to make.
Of course, like any skill, sketching takes work. ...But it is also a great tool to have in your tool kit! If there's any interest in that department, I'd suggest you push through the scribbles and squiggles. Love them! Perfect them! Take a class! Always keep a notebook on you, and don't be afraid to muddy it up. Do like I did, and start with a book where the pages can easily be torn out. Then you have no commitments to the things on the pages. :) Feel free to write quotes, phone numbers, to-do lists, and goals/ambitions in your notebook! They may be an easier place to start.

Let me know how it goes!
Best of Luck!!

Stacie | EDITdesignHOUSE

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