February 22, 2013


Welcome to the weekend! Just a few hours buttoning down our weekly tasks, and we are freeee! :) Please enjoy this past week from my point of view:

1. We have a new Crate & Barrel store! The website is great, but it is soooo much better in person! I love this modern dining room. The GLINT PENDANT LAMP especially caught my eye!
2. The husby-dusby and I are looking for a new sofa. We want clean lines and traditional style. I love the tufting on the PETRIE SOFA.
3. Another clean-lined sofa, but with an elegant and more feminine arm. Meet the BARRINGTON SOFA.
4. Enjoying the holiday at MY FAVORITE SKI RESORT. The hill was lovely. The moguls were mean, and relaxation at "the beach" was fantastic! PLEASE, if you are ever in Utah, come visit!!! (We meet chaps from all over the world here!)
5. View from MY MOUNTAINTOP on a lovely Sunday Drive!
6. More from my Crate & Barrel trip: the RIKA COLLECTION is a fantastic, uber-modern take on traditional Dutch Porcelain.
7. This is atop the hill where we took the neighborhood kids sledding Thursday after work. The evening was topped off with homemade hot cocoa and doughnuts from BANBURY CROSS. (I promise, you have not had a maple bar until you've had theirs!!)
8. Super sweet CANNING JARS. Oh, I love them! I love them, I love them! They make me want to blend up a batch of fresh raspberry preserves and take the spoils around the neighborhood with my Grandmother!

The weekend challenge is to discover your own town! I'll be hitting up a couple of the NEW ADDITIONS to my OLD MAIN STREET. I'll keep you posted on my finds!

Stacie | EDIT design HOUSE

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