March 9, 2013


What a week full of beautiful things!!! I went on a tour of the Interface Carpet Mill, and it was surprisingly thrilling! They are an incredibly motivating company. There is a "buzz" all about the place, from the CEO, down to the ladies loading yarns onto the machines. I will be posting plenty more pictures in the coming days.

For now, please enjoy some views from the showroom.

In case you haven't been trained in the field of design, each of these chairs, tables, etc. are famous furniture pieces. They are not only beautiful, they are very ergonomic. (Made to fit the shape of the body). This is part of how they became so famous.

Oh the Eames Lounge Chair!!!! Next to it, a stool by Charles and Rae Eames. Behind it is the Tulip Chair. (I was in heaven!)

It's hard to look past the furniture and the wonderful space, but try to notice the carpet too... It IS, however, a carpet showroom. :)

LOVE this carpet! Who would have known I would be drooling over carpet tile... :) LOVE the herringbone pattern!

We were served the most wonderful lunch, right in the showroom dining room. ...And, here's my official shout-out to Southern Hospitality!

Have a Great Week!
Stacie | EDIT design HOUSE

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