April 4, 2013


Hello lovelies.

I've had quite the hectic day with my little 91 year-old grandma. After a rough fall, she's now rockin' a little titanium. Hopefully she'll be back to kicking soon. The amazing thing I always learn from her, is that in the midst of trials and tubes, hospitals and hardships... she is always glad to see us, and always makes an effort to giggle, at least a little bit. Something I'm realizing about her too - is that she absolutely cannot miss out on anything fun happening. If there is bingo happening in the other room, she must be there! :)
(I'm pretty sure I get this trait from her... if I fall asleep in a movie, I pretend to laugh every so often, so no one knows I'm asleep....)

I have always been drawn to the emotion of artwork. Even if the subject matter is just color, it can evoke a certain mood every time you see it. In honor of little Grandma, I want to share some great pieces that mimic a little of her fire. Enjoy!

So many hidden treasures, once you really get to know her!

Have a great Thursday!

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