November 6, 2012


Welcome to our humble blog! We three are Interior Designers with a flare for clean, optimistic design, passion for people, and love of all things beautiful! all started here! ------>

Here, we united as the "Design Team" fearlessly making over interiors, turning them from empty and sad... glorious and personable! We couldn't help but fall for the joie-de-vivre that naturally occurred when we three were all together. With potential overflowing at the brim, here we are (finally!) starting Edit Design House! 

This is the place where we take your story, your space, its identity.... swirl around all the pieces so they work best together, add juicy tidbits to keep the story interesting, and revitalize the place so it becomes its best wonderful self!

As always, we love you for visiting and hope you will stop by often!!

Stacie, Melissa & Cheryl!

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