January 28, 2013


We'd like to share a sneak peak of one of our very fun projects! This is one of the model units we designed at City Creek. The space is great, but seriously... you should see the VIEW! (Wish you were here in person!)
We'll key you in on a few of the details that help things look tailored and sophisticated.
 Elegant dining setup. We love how the slip covers make the space feel dressed up. The oval dining table ties the light fixture to the composition, while softening up the space.

A view of the place settings. We love using white dishes in a space, because they create nice contrast. ...And, let's face it, your food looks more lovely on white anyway!

Our millworkers did a fantastic job on the cabinets! We love how the clean profile gives a little bit of detail, but keeps things crisp and clean. My favorite thing about the space is the "hutch" on the dining room side of the kitchen. We love how the white dishes pop from inside the wood cabinets!
The color palette is warm, neutral, sophisticated and rich! We are really loving gold right now, and anything in the taupe-y/grey family! 
Here's a little design secret for you: Although they are necessary, we never love having to look at the power cords coming from a lamp. We often use tabs on furniture to string the cords along the back of the piece, down the leg. In this case, we also had the conundrum of hiding the outlet. Notice the cleverly styled stack of books in the middle of the console? ...bet you'll never guess what's behind there... :)

Next, we'd like to draw your attention to the drapes. Drapes are kind of like a well-placed scarf on an outfit. You're probably fine without them, but they can sure do a lot for tying things all together. We love the inverted box pleat on these drapes! 
Another detail we absolutely love in this space, is the traditional rug! We usually like to keep the lines of the furniture fairly clean, but the rug keeps things intricate and organic. Rugs are great tools for defining spaces and helping things stay interesting.

MILLWORK(!) is one way to pack a punch in any space! You typically get quite a bang for your buck, when you focus at least part of your budget on Millwork. Check out how this column/beam combo helps define the space. Without the addition of this detail, the Dining Room didn't have very clear definition. And, although simple, the columns were the first thing people noticed when they walked in. We also love the addition of the great fixtures installed onto the columns!
Here, we want to briefly spotlight furniture details. Notice the contrasting tape used beneath the nailheads, to give a tiny punch of color to the sofa. This kind of detail is simple and sophisticated. After the same thought, is the tiny inlay of gold on the coffee table. This goes to show that details don't need to be loud or bothersome to make a statement. To the common eye, there is "just something about it" that is interesting & lovely.

Thanks for Checking In!!
Let us know what you think! Do you like the simplicity? Do you prefer more color?
Cheryl, Melissa & Stacie

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