January 25, 2013


Good morning friends! 
Let's talk offices today. We are just diving into an office re-do and are excited to get our brains rolling on the subject.

Below are a few finds that really get us excited!

This office is about all you can ask for when it comes to (stunning) quality pieces and a fresh canvas where your brain can work effortlessly.

We love how this office has (nearly) all the information in the world, stored on the wall; yet it doesn't seem overbearing or messy because it's consistent and orderly. This still provides a fairly "clean pallet" to work in; and, I find all that information to be comforting.

This little gem is truly my type of office! Although there is a lot going on in the space, there is a place for everything. It is a real "working space," as you can pull things out and really get into the task at hand.

I love how things are stored right in the open. The tools for this artist are easily accessible. I feel like if I were working with these fabrics, I'd find easy inspiration in their presence in the space.

I can't stand how much I love the idea of this office! I love the accessible task lighting, the warmth of the materials, the natural light, and the fabulous workspace! It could even be tucked into the tiniest corner of your house.

Last, but certainly not least, is this lovely office! It is filled with inspiration, style and ease. A nice, big working space makes it easy to lay out projects; and the extra chairs at the table allow for helpers or clients to participate. The drum pendants make for great task lighting.
I am also in love with the warmth of the wood, combined with the rich grey!
What is your preference? What would be the requirements for your dream office?
Thanks for Stopping!
Stacie, Melissa & Cheryl

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