January 23, 2013


Today you get a little sneak peak at a project we recently completed in St. George, UT. Although it happens to be an assisted living facility, it is brand-spanking-new, and we got to be in on a lot of the nitty gritty details from the beginning.

Everything was very "earthy" feeling, due to the surrounding area of St. George. Since the weather is really nice, pretty much year-round, even the folks from the "Assisted Living" age group are usually pretty outdoorsy.

I loved these pillows so much, I almost considered swapping them out and taking them home with me. ...of course, I would never actually do that. :)

 Great library space, complete with reading nook, game table, and official "chess zone."

My favorite part of the project was this studio space we modeled out, so the future residents could see how furniture would feel in the apartments. It also happened to be one of the trickiest spaces, because it was a pretty tight squeeze for a few things... but it helps me know I'm doing a good job when people would rather have the studio space than the one bedroom, because it seems so "spacious."

 Great little chairs! 
 I love adding the finishing touches!

Bookshelves are one of my favorite things to detail.

Good lighting makes a huge difference! ...and whether you need the extra light or not, lamp light happens to be the most flattering and welcoming.
LOVE lovely books and other various lovely things!! (...like I said, this was not your average run-of-the-mill Assisted Living Center). :)

Loved these great hand-made vases!

Last, but not least, THIS is what happens when a young-gun is the one in charge of building an Assisted Living Center... You end up with a pool hall, a spa, plenty of spaces to socialize and park your (Bentley) Golf Cart, AND a MOVIE THEATER! Yes folks, this theater comes complete with stadium seating, blackout shades and surround sound. I guess, if you've got to get old, at least you don't have to act like it!

Stacie, Melissa & Cheryl

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