February 5, 2013


You've heard the phrase "three's a crowd."

...And while it might seem like something to avoid in social interactions, it's actually the PERFECT RECIPE when it comes to accessorizing a space. You see, when you have one or two of something, it better be interesting to stand its ground. BUT, when you have THREE or more of something, it automatically qualifies as a COLLECTION! This is one of the places where design magic comes from.

The great thing about collections, is that there are basically NO RULES. (We love that!) The pieces can be the same, or different. The can be odd together, or the perfect pair. It's all up to your preference!

...you can even bend the rule of collections, when it comes to the rule of 3+. ...sometimes two can be a collection!

Do you have a few sailboats? Airplanes? Top hats?? You're good to go!

A collection can be sweet and simple, and can be completely collected. No need even spend a dime. My favorite thing about this type of collection, is that each item likely holds a memory. ("This shell is from baby's first vacation, or, our anniversary trip.") If there's anything we feel passionately about in design, it's the fact that your space should be a reflection of YOU!

Love you All!

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