February 14, 2013


...although we're all fairly new acquaintances, we already love you all! As a little Valentine's gift, we've got a SWEET recipe for you today!

We noticed a lot of you stopped by to visit THIS POST about RED VELVET COOKIES, so let's head on over to my kitchen and show you our (super rich) version!


For starters, pick yourself up a box of RED VELVET CAKE MIX (I'll admit, it's a bit like cheating... But this is how they get can be made so quickly!) and a small container of plain or vanilla YOGURT.

Toss it all into your mixing bowl, along with any WATER the recipe calls for.

SWIZZLE it all about until well-mixed, and DOLLOP onto a greased + floured cookie sheet (...I forgot to flour mine...)
Note: These cookies WILL GROW, so probably aim for walnut-sized dollops rather than the ice cream scoop-sized dollops I used.

BAKE for about 15 min, and LET COOL on the cookie sheet.

The FROSTING is my favorite part!
Start by whipping 1 CUP heavy whipping cream, till stiff peaks form.
In a separate bowl, whip 1 BLOCK of cream cheese, with 1 1/2 CUPS powdered sugar.
Once creamy, fold in the whipped cream.

Now for the trickiest trick! Did you know, it actually takes less time to frost your cookies in a "fancy" way, than it does to frost them with the ol' knife-into-bowl method?

Start by flipping a Zip-lock bag inside out, over one hand. With your "super" hand, (in this case, my left hand!) scoop a cup or two of frosting onto your "bagged hand." Flip right-side-out. Zip up the bag, snip off a little corner, (lick any extra frosting off your hands...) and start SWIRLING AWAY.

That's it! You are now the most famous cookie baker on the block! But BEWARE, this guys are RICH!!! Do not substitute them for your normal breakfast bar. ;)

Love You All!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Stacie | EDIT design HOUSE

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