March 13, 2013


Welcome to Catawba!!! the South, many people name their homes(!) and I can see why! Houses like these, are members of the family!! I'm sure there are so many memories here!

As I mentioned before, while in Georgia, we spent a lot of time touring the Interface Carpet Mill. Any time we weren't involved in the "heavily" educational routine, we were here! Our personal chefs prepared all of the best local eats, and we spent many hours parked around this dinner table. Good company sure goes a long way!

Here's the stunning greeting you get when walking in the front door. Turn right, and you have a Sitting Room, Dining Room, and bedrooms. Turn left, and you have the Living Room, Billiards Room, and doorway to pool and porches!!

Along with the other designers, I was absolutely taken by the "Casual Classic" Mid-Century Modern style. Our host described the house as Frank Lloyd Wright meets the Brady Bunch. I wish the pictures did it justice!!!

Entrance into the Living Room

Fabulous "Modern" Living Room full of famous furniture!
Coffee Table Styling. All kinds of inspirational books!!!

The Master Bedroom! Oh those windows!!!! (...and the softest sheets ever!)
Cool modern storage unit in the Master.

Sweetest "Mudroom"

Well lovelies, there are a few (haha!) more Georgia pictures in my stash, but I'll share them next time. Have a lovely day!!!

Stacie | EDIT design HOUSE

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