March 21, 2013


We were fortunate to go on a little field trip to Krieger-Ricks Framemakers today! (Check out those doors!!!) They are located in sweet Springville City, UT; which is perfect for a framing shop, because Springville is known as Art City. (So cool!)

Krieger-Ricks was absolutely awe-inspiring! After selecting custom frame profiles for a client with a great project, Rusty showed us around, what I think, is the best part of the shop - the production area! 

We watched an expert craftsman apply gold leaf to a very traditional frame.

We also got to play with a little swatch of gold leaf. It is soooooo thin! It was light enough, that I couldn't feel it on my fingers, and so delicate, that if you press your fingers together, it turns to dust!! (Fun fact: did you know that just 2oz of gold can cover a BILLBOARD?!!)

The last treat of the day, was meeting Marty Ricks, owner of the shop, and fabulous artist! We got to chat about his art, his technique, and some very fun plans for the place! 

Thanks Marty & Rusty!!!


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