March 4, 2013


Remember THIS POST about something exciting coming!!? Well, we are pleased to announce that the pieces are coming together! If you couldn't guess what we were working on, here are some cues to give it away:

 1- The ARTWORK has been completed!
     On the left is the close-up and on the right is the overall view. What a great abstract way of using words as art!

2- The FABRIC arrived, was cut to size, and sent to the printer's shop! We are hoping to see the printed goods within the next couple of weeks! Once we have our custom fabric back, we will be offering pillows, totes and custom handbags! (Not to mention, the GIVEAWAY that's coming!)

Here are the colorways!!! I'm so looking forward to the EMERALD, as it is the COLOR OF THE YEAR

We are thrilled to be moving in such an exciting direction. In the weeks ahead, we are working on more patterns for the line! Our shop is in the process of being setup, but feel free to leave a comment if you are too excited to wait. We happen to know the guys who can get you all setup with the goodies.  ;)

Hope your week is as simply wonderful as we're expecting ours to be!
Stacie | EDIT design HOUSE

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