April 9, 2013


Thanks to all of our guests who have been stopping by for yesterday's post with Kelley Howe! We hope you find yourselves welcome here. And feel free to stop by any time!! Please feel welcome to leave any comments of things you like, or to let us know how to make your stay more enjoyable! :)

Husband and I have been working on a re-design for our kitchen. We live in a fabulously wonderful home, built in 1910. While the home has many traditional elements, we'd also like to add a spark of "now" to the mix. Our taste pretty much spreads the spectrum, but here is the layout we'd like to pursue.

Here's a little lineup of kitchens and kitchen-y things that are inspiring us. Check out the end of the post to see the drawn-up concept. ...we are pretty sure the final space will be different, but here's a go for now. :)

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Now for our concept!

 Here's the main view. We need more light in the space, and are excited to have some decorative fixtures! (The round ones will be closer to you - just above the "peninsula"). The peninsula, will have a beautiful wood inlay under the bar, giving it just a touch of added detail. Here's a designer secret for you: pulling the drape all the way to the ceiling gives you the appearance of a taller space. Our window is actually just barely bigger than the open space you see here, but the tall shade gives you the illusion that the window is much bigger.

I am not a fan of corner cabinets, so our upper cabinets only go on the right and left walls, leaving the center/window wall as a focal point.

 The highlight of this detail is the pantry space on the left. We are keeping an open shelf to display the (lovely) cookbooks, and add a little soft detail to an otherwise hard-lined space. We leave a few coat hooks next to the door, to add utility to the space.

We're also leaving open shelving next to the stove. This will be the perfect spot to show off some of our lovelier dishes, while concealing the utilitarian pieces in the standard cabinets.

Have a lovely day!

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