May 2, 2013


My hubby, a Dutchman whom I met and dated while visiting family in Holland, flew out yesterday morning to go home for a week or two. Unfortunately, logistics prevented me and Baby P. from joining him this time around, but Amsterdam is big time on my mind. I am itching to roam the canal-laden streets, drink fresh, mint tea in the cafes and revel in all of the fabulous design, architecture and art. Now, let me formally introduce you to one of my favorite shops... Droog, a design company that creates cutting edge products, projects and events around the world. Click below for a few of my favorite finds!

Decorated, Wooden Cutlery - Disposable. My sis-in-law (an interior designer at Moooi gave me these for Christmas and I love them!)

Tea Towels.

Slow Glow Lamp

Fold Unfold Tablecloth

 Check out more here! Happy Thursday! 


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