April 30, 2013


As summer inches closer to us, I cannot keep myself from thinking of getting out into the outdoors! I believe that if for nothing else, the outdoors are out there to remind us to breathe, take it easy once in a while, and remember 'what it's all about.' As much as I love our design, projects and clients, my brain can go a little haywire if I don't stop and 'sharpen the saw' every once in a while. One day, I hope to own a little niche of land, tucked into a forest near a lake. I'd go there on any free weekend, and cook glorious meals in a dutch oven, while the kiddos catch bugs and collect river rocks!

Here's to an inspiring goal!

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I love the concept of a minimalistic space where you and nature get to become close friends! Bring a book/whatever, but leave the technology at home! :)


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Yes please!!!


Cabins must have at least one cozy chair, where you can curl up by the fire! I love the clean, kind-of modern feel of this space

"Don't make plans"

Fun is a very important factor when selecting leisure spaces! 

Find it Here!

Ok, technically, this is not a cabin, but can you believe this space?!!!! Isn't is great?! From the outside, you'd never know what dynamic impact was waiting for you inside. It could be a very cool idea to build your cabin around a tree, instead of clearing the land before you build!

Have a great Tuesday!
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