August 22, 2013


Hey there friends!  It's HIGH TIME for a little update!!! As you know, summer gets busy, and ours has been no exception!

Here's a little insight into the life of this designer.... (pics may end up a little jumbled, so you might have to play the game where you sort out which story goes with which image) :)

- Choosing traditional frames for a traditional client, on some custom artwork
- Volunteering at the brand new STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) school designed by a team at my office!
- Fun art at IKEA. (We are remodeling our kitchen, with a little help from our Swedish friends. I CAN'T WAIT to post the before and after!
- The rosiest sun, courtesy of the summer fires.
- A little photo shoot in the middle of nowhere, on this half-buried graffiti bus. ...After a mad motorcycling adventure. (You wouldn't believe how tough I've gotten since being married).
- Hubby on the ol' 'cycle at the BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS! Do you know about this place??? It is just on the Utah side of the Utah/Nevada border, and is an amazing phenomenon! It is the marshyiest land, covered in just a bit of SALTY, SALTY water. Every year, about August it dries out into the flattttttttest surface of dry, sticky salt. (Looks like snow, huh?) This is where the world sets land speed records. Rocket cars go plenty much faster than the speed of sound here! ....Anyway, I might have ridden my motorcycle faster here than it's ever gone. (!)
- Bunches of boxes! Filled with goodies for the EDITbeautyHOUSE launch!!
- Jars of magic eczema cream. (Seriously magic)!
- Came to check out this yummy warm grey we specified at my friend's place. (Love how the creamy cabinets feel kind of buttery yellow now)!
- Check out this molding detail my client installed with her husband! This room is not quite done yet, but is getting closer! You wouldn't believe what a chore it was to dress this wall before. Now they can leave it all alone and it looks GREAT!

Hope you have a brilliant weekend! Get out there and enjoy the last bit of summer!!


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