August 22, 2013


Hey there friends!  It's HIGH TIME for a little update!!! As you know, summer gets busy, and ours has been no exception!

Here's a little insight into the life of this designer.... (pics may end up a little jumbled, so you might have to play the game where you sort out which story goes with which image) :)

- Choosing traditional frames for a traditional client, on some custom artwork
- Volunteering at the brand new STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) school designed by a team at my office!
- Fun art at IKEA. (We are remodeling our kitchen, with a little help from our Swedish friends. I CAN'T WAIT to post the before and after!
- The rosiest sun, courtesy of the summer fires.
- A little photo shoot in the middle of nowhere, on this half-buried graffiti bus. ...After a mad motorcycling adventure. (You wouldn't believe how tough I've gotten since being married).
- Hubby on the ol' 'cycle at the BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS! Do you know about this place??? It is just on the Utah side of the Utah/Nevada border, and is an amazing phenomenon! It is the marshyiest land, covered in just a bit of SALTY, SALTY water. Every year, about August it dries out into the flattttttttest surface of dry, sticky salt. (Looks like snow, huh?) This is where the world sets land speed records. Rocket cars go plenty much faster than the speed of sound here! ....Anyway, I might have ridden my motorcycle faster here than it's ever gone. (!)
- Bunches of boxes! Filled with goodies for the EDITbeautyHOUSE launch!!
- Jars of magic eczema cream. (Seriously magic)!
- Came to check out this yummy warm grey we specified at my friend's place. (Love how the creamy cabinets feel kind of buttery yellow now)!
- Check out this molding detail my client installed with her husband! This room is not quite done yet, but is getting closer! You wouldn't believe what a chore it was to dress this wall before. Now they can leave it all alone and it looks GREAT!

Hope you have a brilliant weekend! Get out there and enjoy the last bit of summer!!


August 5, 2013


...The airspace has been a bit dead lately, and HERE's why!!! We are expanding the EDIT umbrella!

Welcome to EDIT beauty HOUSE! This last Friday we celebrated our big LAUNCH PARTY at the lovely Les Madelienes bakery. What can we say about Les Madelienes???

Sweet Romina (owner and founder of the Cafe) studied at Le Cordon Bleu, and boy, did she bring her skills home with her! The treats were beyond tasty!! And you know what they say about treats... "The treats make the party." ...ok, maybe they don't say that...

Romina considered each of our products and introduced the star ingredients into the goodies! ...Lemon meringue tarts, lavender lemonade, black & white cookies with our logo in the frosting(!), and other fancies I hadn't even heard of. 

What a charming atmosphere!

We want to thank all you sweet friends and family who dropped in to try out our all-natural beauty products. We had so much fun educating all of you, and sharing our story! We can't wait to hear how you enjoy your all-organic products!

I can't believe how much I've learned since this little journey began. It's amazing to be able to share some beauty secrets, and we can't wait to share more.

We also want to sent a little high five to those of you who visited online! (If you didn't get the chance to hop over on Friday, join us today! There are bits of our story online, with updates coming all the time!)

We had a wildly successful night, and can't wait to share more with everyone out there!!!

Come again soon!

Stacie | EDIT design HOUSE

July 4, 2013


Now for a little Q&A.
Q: How high should I mount my drapes?
A: We usually pull them up to the height of the crown molding. This helps the window feel bigger, and helps the ceilings soar!

Q: How wide?
A: The bar should be wide enough that only the edge of the window is covered by the drapes. Again, this helps the window feel much bigger.
Q: How do I dress up a plain drape?
A: Have a border sewn onto the leading edge of the drape. (See above). It can be a simple DIY, that makes a big statement. Or, you can trim out all edges in a contrasting fabric or tape. (See below).


Q: What if I want privacy, but don't like the look of closed drapes?
A: Go with a Roman Shade mounted inside the window casing. It can easily be opened and closed, while keeping the aesthetic of pretty, open drapes.
Q: What if I don't want to cover the beautiful trim around my window?
A: Roman Shades (or other types of shades) are a great solution that gives you privacy and added insulation, while preserving the look of the cased opening.
Q: Are there other options to plain drapery on a rod?
A: Yes! There are entire books dedicated to the subject. This style dresses this space up, to make it feel as fancy as prom night. :)


Q: How long should my drapes be?
A: Think of your drapes as a nice pair of dress pants. They should come to the ground, with a nice little "break" at the bottom. (The first picture on this post shows it perfectly). It is also a nice effect to have your drapes "puddle" at the bottom, like a ball gown. This give a bit of an ethereal look to the space.


Q: Any other ideas on how to make things interesting?
A: As with any fabric in the room, play with different weights and textures of fabric. Sheers are a lovely way to add interest, but allow light to still come in. This is a great example of using an opaque fabric, along with a sheer, to get some really good light-play.

As always, let us know if you have any questions! We're happy to help!!!



July 3, 2013


Yesterday, Husband and I went on a mad hunt looking for a shower curtain that is longer than 6 feet. At least in the standard retail world, it can't be done. We were hoping for a nice tall curtain that reached up closer to our 9' ceiling, helping the room feel it's true height. It occurs to me, that for the sake of having an industry standard, design goes out the window. It also occurs to me that, as most people haven't studied these things for years... curtains, drapes and shades can be a quandary to them.

With that, let's talk a bit about window treatments, and get ourselves well-designed! :)

First off, other than to block out sunshine. ...or nosy neighbors... :) what benefits can window treatments give us?

  • They keep heat out in the Summer, and warmth in in the Winter
  • Proper drape and mounting height, can visually increase the scale of our windows (some of our homes' most valuable real estate).
  • They improve the acoustics of a room, helping eliminate echoes
  • They give another layer of interest to a space, making it more dynamic & interesting. 
  • They are lovely!  :)

Check out how much more interesting this space is with the addition of the Latticework-patterned Drapes.

For now, enjoy some pretty concepts, then come back tomorrow for a little Q&A! We will give you all kinds of secrets on making your window treatments shine!!!





Thanks for stopping!!

June 27, 2013


Good morning lovelies!

As we have been engaged in an additional (exciting) venture, our blog has been a bit sleepy for a while. I just wanted to drop in and say "hi," let you know we're always thinking of you, and share some beauty from our friends at Dmitriy & Co.

Aren't these BEAUTIFUL gems?!!! We love the detail Dmitriy works in, and love how the pieces, although new, feel well-loved, like they've been in the family for generations!

June 18, 2013


This last weekend, husband and I went to the Bountiful Car Show! We look forward to it every year, because he's a car guy (specifically "rock crawling" Jeeps) and I'm a beauty/detail girl. I can really get into the time and energy that goes into these beauties!

On a side note: it's always amazing to me how many if these cars have been "remodeled," just like i would remodel a space! New paint color here, new upholstery there.... ....a more fashionable carpet, and some updated light fixtures! Put a great craftsman onto the project, and you've got a show stopper! time, I promise to post pictures that don't come from my cell phone ;)


June 5, 2013


Husband and I just got back from visiting family in sweltering Arizona. ("it's going to be a littler cooler tomorrow, just 104*" -Weatherman).
We swam a little, had some AMAZING barbecue, enjoyed the city of Tempe, and designed some custom T-shirts!
Here's what you're seeing below:
- Gelati! The best treat for a hot day
- Urban Outfitters
- Little sis, working at BrandXShirts
- Charming Tempe Main Street
- Great outdoor eating. the design too!
Have a great afternoon!
xx, Stacie

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