July 3, 2013


Yesterday, Husband and I went on a mad hunt looking for a shower curtain that is longer than 6 feet. At least in the standard retail world, it can't be done. We were hoping for a nice tall curtain that reached up closer to our 9' ceiling, helping the room feel it's true height. It occurs to me, that for the sake of having an industry standard, design goes out the window. It also occurs to me that, as most people haven't studied these things for years... curtains, drapes and shades can be a quandary to them.

With that, let's talk a bit about window treatments, and get ourselves well-designed! :)

First off, other than to block out sunshine. ...or nosy neighbors... :) what benefits can window treatments give us?

  • They keep heat out in the Summer, and warmth in in the Winter
  • Proper drape and mounting height, can visually increase the scale of our windows (some of our homes' most valuable real estate).
  • They improve the acoustics of a room, helping eliminate echoes
  • They give another layer of interest to a space, making it more dynamic & interesting. 
  • They are lovely!  :)

Check out how much more interesting this space is with the addition of the Latticework-patterned Drapes.

For now, enjoy some pretty concepts, then come back tomorrow for a little Q&A! We will give you all kinds of secrets on making your window treatments shine!!!





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