July 4, 2013


Now for a little Q&A.
Q: How high should I mount my drapes?
A: We usually pull them up to the height of the crown molding. This helps the window feel bigger, and helps the ceilings soar!

Q: How wide?
A: The bar should be wide enough that only the edge of the window is covered by the drapes. Again, this helps the window feel much bigger.
Q: How do I dress up a plain drape?
A: Have a border sewn onto the leading edge of the drape. (See above). It can be a simple DIY, that makes a big statement. Or, you can trim out all edges in a contrasting fabric or tape. (See below).


Q: What if I want privacy, but don't like the look of closed drapes?
A: Go with a Roman Shade mounted inside the window casing. It can easily be opened and closed, while keeping the aesthetic of pretty, open drapes.
Q: What if I don't want to cover the beautiful trim around my window?
A: Roman Shades (or other types of shades) are a great solution that gives you privacy and added insulation, while preserving the look of the cased opening.
Q: Are there other options to plain drapery on a rod?
A: Yes! There are entire books dedicated to the subject. This style dresses this space up, to make it feel as fancy as prom night. :)


Q: How long should my drapes be?
A: Think of your drapes as a nice pair of dress pants. They should come to the ground, with a nice little "break" at the bottom. (The first picture on this post shows it perfectly). It is also a nice effect to have your drapes "puddle" at the bottom, like a ball gown. This give a bit of an ethereal look to the space.


Q: Any other ideas on how to make things interesting?
A: As with any fabric in the room, play with different weights and textures of fabric. Sheers are a lovely way to add interest, but allow light to still come in. This is a great example of using an opaque fabric, along with a sheer, to get some really good light-play.

As always, let us know if you have any questions! We're happy to help!!!



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