March 19, 2013

MORE OUTDOOR LIVING.... for ladies only :)

Good morning lovelies! I want to introduce you to mine and husby's newest adventures! 
From left to right: Lu, Betsy & Mrs. Haberdasher. They are about the sweetest ladies ever, and my other half has been begging to bring them home for MONTHS! Despite everyone's reassurance, I was all kinds of nervous. (...Not very sure how to be a good chicken momma!!!) To ensure that husby had thoroughly thought this through, we made a deal that by the time the babies are big enough to go outside, they must have an "architecturally pleasing" home to live in. 

As I've gotten to know the girls, I've been getting more and more excited! I've been gathering ideas; and here are a few favorites...

Zachary House, fireplace ~ Stephen Atkinson
Ok, technically this isn't a hen house, but I LOVE it! I'm sure the ladies won't be stocking a fire or anything, but the concept is great! Modern, simple, and easy enough for them to enjoy the outdoors!

Now for a couple, Modern lovelies, that are actually chicken coops!

via The Art of Doing Stuff

via Queen Bee Coupons
via 25 Media Tumbler
Maybe, when the girls are all grown-up and sophisticated, they'll invite us inside for afternoon tea! :)

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