March 18, 2013


Hello friends and happy Monday! Did you do anything fun over the weekend? My weekend was relaxed and focused on soaking up as much sunshine as possible. Hubby, Baby P. and I took a long walk around our city center. We spent a lot of time at Temple Square, admiring the newly sprouting flowers. Spring is definitely in the air and I am so excited to start enjoying evenings on the patio, gathered around the table.

We love sharing tips on how to put a space together, and we believe the outside is just as important as the inside.

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Stace and I love to expand interior spaces by creating living environments, outdoors. How is this done, you might ask? Here are a few key points that will magnify your space and help in bringing your indoors out!
  • Develop seating arrangements or "conversation pits". A furniture grouping should span no more than 6' - 8' in speaking distance.
  • Add tables as space will allow.
  • Layer light to create an inviting space. Use pendant lights, sconces, fairy lights (strung throughout the trees) and candles.
  • Ground and define the space through the use of an outdoor rug. 
  • Use a variety of materials and textures for interest sake.


Voila! Hopefully, a few of these tips will help in preparing for the warm nights ahead. Ciao!


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