April 22, 2013


Welcome to a new week friends!

I have a special treat today!!! (Prepare for a little sensory overload). Husband and I recently returned from fabulous San Antonio. One of many highlights was the the African Safari we went on! We learned that the climate in Texas is quite a bit like the climate in parts of Africa, so many African animals can thrive in Texas. The animals were surprisingly curious and friendly. ...of course they knew we had food...

Please enjoy some of our favorite shots from the expedition.

 We started with domestic animals, and got progressively more exotic.

Texas Longhorns

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The Ostriches and Emus were hilarious! They would follow your hand right into the car. ...when you rolled up your window to try to deter them... they'd discover you were in a Jeep with no top! These tricky guys looooove their food!

This fine fellow and his friend... followed us for about two miles! They kept pretending they were different rams we'd never met before. ...smarties. :)

What a treat! We caught these two guys battling out their manhood.

These guys are highly endangered in Africa, because of their trophy horns. It's cool to see them doing so well here!

Springbok. Absolutely stunning animal!!!

Ok... this was the funniest thing on the entire trip! The Zebras know they are not allowed to eat from your hands, (because they could chomp your fingers off...) so... they open their mouths, so you can throw the food right in! This one was opening his mouth so wide, that his lips were shaking.

I never knew how beautiful a wildebeest could be!

One of the few animals we saw in a cage. Almost every other animal was free-range.

We topped things off with a little time in the petting zoo. Loved these baby goats!

Hope you have a lovely week!!

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