May 10, 2013


Hi Guys! Happy weekend! Any fun plans? The temperature here in our part of the world is supposed to reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit, 30 degrees Celsius. Nice, huh? So being outside, soaking up some sun is definitely on the agenda. On another note, check out this play house by Barcelona architects Anna and Eugeni Bach. It is the epitome of care-free, Summer days. The duo designed and constructed the folly at their parent’s farm in southern Finland, following a request from their children for a house of their own. 

Click below for more gorgeous, Finnish-style images.

This from the architects...
"When an architect couple has young kids, there will arrive a day when they ask:
- Mom, dad… You´re architects, aren't you?
- Yes…
- And you make houses for people?
- Yes, of course…
And then comes the key question:
- So why don't you do a house for us?
In such a situation, there are two possibilities: find an excuse to avoid it, or promise them that you will make a house especially designed for them.
We found ourselves in this situation last summer, and we promised them that we would build a house for them on their grandparents farm in Finland. And, of course, at the kids insistence we fulfilled our promise.

Enjoy your weekend! Be sure to drop by during the next little while, as we will be expanding on this post and covering the step-by-step process in creating the ultimate outdoor space. Just in time for lemonade and hammocks. Ciao!


(images/story via Dezeen)

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