February 12, 2013


When designing your own space, how do you know when it's done? How do you know when you've gone too far??

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Since we're all much more familiar with dressing our bodies, I like to break down Interior Design into a fashion mindset. Here's a super simple way to break it down:


- Start with the BASICS: (trousers, a great top, shoes) Sofa, Chairs, Tables
        For an effortless space, these should be "good solid" pieces. Sturdy frames, nice woodwork. Keep the color and patterning mild. You will get a chance to add some fun later.

- Add some LAYERS: (belt, scarf, cardigan) Rug, Paint Colors, Drapes
        This is where you get to add some texture, color and pattern. (Think "fun scarf," or "cute cardi") A fur throw, silk pillows, or dreamy shears to hang over your windows.

- Select your JEWELS: (earrings, necklace, watch) Artwork, Lamps, Accessories
         Here's where the magic happens! These pieces remind you that it's your space. Think: family and friend photos! Artwork or a map you picked up at your favorite hotspot! A gold-plated turtle shell you bought at a busy bazaar.
         Remember your lamps on this one! They really help the space feel "done." They literally add sparkle to your space. ;)
         When you have no other ideas for accessories - add BOOKS! (My favorite!) They help the space feel lived-in, and give guests a welcome way to pass time when you're hustling about.

There you have it! Any more, and you might feel like Aunt Wanda at Bridge Night.... any less, and you might feel like you've just rolled to your favorite supermarket in your best sweats.

Dress up a bit! Add a touch of your personality! Make it yours! BUT, don't just fill every nook and cranny with anything that fits the right color scheme.

As always, thanks for stopping!!

Stacie | EDIT design HOUSE

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