December 5, 2012


We'd like to introduce you to a new series on our blog called "Form Meets Function!"

You can be sure to find things here that are not only beautiful, but also do a good job, doing their job. (...and vice versa) ;)

First, check out the 
[Desile Folding Chair]
This handy gem is intriguing in its form as a chair, yet makes the perfect modern artwork for your dining room wall... ...when guests are not using it ;)

When designing a space, we always try to think about how things are going to function for the owners. We like the idea of having extra seating without having to commit a lot of square footage to chairs that will only be used occasionally.

Z016147When we're talking design[!] one of the biggest topics that comes up besides how something works & looks, is how it affects its environment. There's been a big movement lately to go away from the (although stunning)  power-sucking light bulbs... to newer, more efficient kinds of lighting. UNFORTUNATELY, most of them are not-so-pretty to look at. 

That's why we were STOKED when we stumbled upon THIS 
[CFL Bulb!]
About Bulbs
It is a TOTAL throwback to our favorite bulbs, but also uses much less energy. It does a better job doing its job, and looks great doing it!

Now. Let's get down to business. It's winter. It's cold. Some of us need HOT COCOA. BUT... what about the cookies that go with?? I know I tend to skip out on them sometimes, because of the hassle of: the extra plate, crumbs... 
Well, never fear because we have discovered
This guy is great because on top of containing crumbs, it also rations the number of cookies I'm tempted to sneak away with! :)

Last, but not least... I want you to meet our pal

Pinned Image

This is one of my favorites in Form Meets Function, because it is great as a stand-alone piece, yet it is EVEN COOLER when it's doing its job. I know this one is definitely on my wish list! 

Thanks for Stopping!
The 'Gang' :)

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